Domestic violence calls were up in Metro Detroit

In 2014, about 91,000 incidents of domestic violence crime were

reported to authorities, according to the Michigan Incident Crime

Reporting, compared to roughly 93,000 in 2013 and 94,000 in 2012.


Macomb County had 7,150 reports of domestic violence in 2014, compared

to about 7,500 in each of the two years prior, according to MICR.


Similarly, Oakland County recorded roughly 6,700 domestic violence cases in

2014, and more than 7,000 in both 2013 and 2012. Wayne County has

recorded more than 26,000 cases annually for the past three years.

Shelters: Domestic violence calls rise in Metro Detroit!

Source: The Detroit News August 20, 2015.


What we have accomplished

Program Services Impact Data

From June 2002 to December 2016 - 14,245 people have received services from The Mission Prevention Education

The following reflects the organization's impact on those served since 2002.

  • Parenting classes/support services - (3,618 served)
  • Inspiring Girl’s Hope Program - (2,434 served)
  • Domestic Violence/Support Services - (4,308 served)
  • Clothing/Food Pantry - (1,171 served)
  • Utilities/Furniture(116 served)
  • Holiday Meals and Assistance(2,691 served)


As a charitable organization we provide support services, training, and direct counseling to enhance the quality of life for youths and adults. We believe the core values essential to our success in the community are integrity, respect, and social responsibility.

The Inspiring Girl’s Hope Program has two components, Inspiring Girl’s Hope Entrprenship Program”, 14 week includes financial literacy and life skills programs to youth, ages 13-17.  The program will provide age appropriate comprehensive training in entrepreneurship, financial/economic literacy and asset accumulation techniques, which increases their ability to contribute to the community, as well as, succeed in work and life.  Our monthly tea time is ages 9 through 17, teaching etiquette, resisting negative peer pressure, and the importance of self respect, respect for the community, and other peers.

This program offers support specifically developed for survivors of domestic violence. Victims are provided with empowerment tools and workshops. We offer (PPO’s) Personal Protection Orders, encouragement through open and honest dialogue, in a non-judgmental environment. The victims learn to overcome feelings of hopelessness in their hearts, minds and souls. We offer counseling for inner healing, resources and referrals.

Our parental support services is designed for single mothers, and promote the development of healthy and life-affirming values by increasing knowledge and strengthening positive interactions. The services include cultural and spiritually sensitive approaches to strengthen the family unit, including court order classes.  Additional services include workshops, resources and referrals.

One donation touches the lives

of many needy people.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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