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The Mission: Prevention Education
14th Annual Fundraiser Gala of Hope


As a charitable organization we provide support services and direct counseling to enhance the quality of life for youth and adults. The core values essential to our success in the community are integrity, respect, and social responsibility.

Beating Odds Youth Mentoring Program: (Inspiring Girl’s Hope) girls 9 to 17 years. Monthly Tea Time, working with the girls to teach them the importance of academics, etiquette, resist negative peer pressure and to gain respect for the community and other peers.

Survival To Arrival – Offer support, specifically developed for survivors of domestic violence. Victims are provided with tools, (PPO’s) Personal Protection Order available, resources, referrals, and encouragement through open and honest dialogue, in a non-judgmental setting. The victims learn to overcome the feeling of hopelessness in their hearts, minds, souls, and counseling for inner healing.

We promote the development of healthy and life-affirming values, knowledge and interaction between single mothers and their children. The services include cultural and spiritually sensitive approaches to strengthen the family unit.

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14th Annaual Gala of Hope Fundraiser

  • Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
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Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND)

  • Providing leadership to address homelessness
  • Visit www.handetroit.org for more information