The Traits of a True Leader

  By: Angeline Lawrence Leadership is crucial to the vitality of any business or organization. Companies that were transformed from regional companies to being national powerhouses had Chief Executive Officers who were classified as Level 5 leaders. Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great: Why some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t,” defined such…
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Reaching Joy after a Life of Pain

By: Angeline Lawrence Chef Dolores Lee. Also known as Dee Dee, Dolores is an accomplished chef and business owner. She recently ventured into new territory as a published author. Behind her beautiful smile and warm laugh is a woman who endured sexual abuse as a child by the hands of a few family members. She…
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Fighting through Pain to Live on Purpose

By: Angeline Lawrence We fight for everything from equal pay to health care. Fighting goes along with the territory when you are a woman. Over 176 women are fighting a silent war that is upending their lives. It crosses ethnicity/race, age and socio-economic levels. Endometriosis is hard to detect and often misdiagnosed.  The physical pain…
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