Inspiring Girl’s Hope


Growing Up in Today’s World is Confusing and Frightening.  We promote positive self-esteem.

Inspiring Girls’ Hope is a program for transitioning female youth.  Structured Tea Times provide a fabulous experience of discovery for girls ages 13 to 17. The Mission’s innovative Inspiring Girls’ Hope Program serves as an empowering support program for girls to conquer the world's challenges head-on.  It provides a safe and nurturing experience for girls to begin the process of exploring who they are and what they can do.  Our annual tea time event is enjoyed by all girls in a beautiful atmosphere of love and support; the food is delicious, and the adult facilitators are inspirational. View Inspiring Girls’ Hope Flyer Being a girl today is both complicated and fun.  They are told one day it is possible to be the future leader of the nation, recognized for world-wide achievements in sports and science. Then they also feel they need to be portrayed as sex objects while still a teenager, because that’s what the media says her role-models are into. The many mixed messages today’s urban girl receives has her feeling a little lost and very confused; when young girls already have a hard time trying to figure out who they are.  Increased negative peer pressure and media influence contribute to a girl being diverted from fulfilling her academic potential, community service responsibility, and her walk with high moral standards.

Program Content

Topic Category: Self-Perception
  • Mirror, Mirror--Your Looks
  • The Power of Self-Talk
  • Re-create the Experience
  • Fitting In & Boundaries
Topic Category: Relationship Matters
  • The Golden Rule
  • Community Authority Figures
  • Mother-Daughter Wisdom
  • Pay-Offs for Compliance
Topic Category: Life Issues & Advice
  • How To Get a Job
  • Spending Habits
  • Teen Dating
  • Attitudes & Conditions
Topic Category: Economic Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship – Being Your Own Boss
  • Financial Literacy – Money, Savings and Investments
Positive choices and self-esteem are the underlying areas that continue to be built and explored through the tea parties.  Moral principles, the awareness of community service projects, and entertaining performances by area role-models serve to keep these tea party participants well rounded.

3 Choices for Program Replication

  1. The Mission staff can coordinate and conduct the program for you (for a small fee)
  2. The Mission staff can train you to run your own Inspiring Girls’ Hope Tea Party Program
  3. Order a DIY Girls’ Hope Tea Time Start-Up Guidebook ($17.99 + Shipping and Handling)
Remember: Convenient Ordering and 100% of the guidebook costs for this program is used to fund the Inspiring Girl’s Hope operation. Call for information at 313.930.0062 or 248.967.9561. You can also email us at