The Mission Offers 3 Core Programs with Components and Features that Can Stand Alone or Be Combined with Other Programs for Beneficial and Maximum Impact.

1. Inspiring Girl’s Hope

The Inspiring Girl’s Hope Program is designed for girls ages 13 to 17. Our girls participate in a twice monthly 14 week program. We mentor and work with the girls to teach them the importance of academics, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, etiquette, resisting negative peer pressure, and the importance of self respect, respect for the community, and other peers.

2. Survival To Arrival Program

Our Survival To Arrival program offers support specifically developed for survivors of domestic violence. Victims are provided with empowerment tools, including entrepreneurship and financial literacy training, (PPO’s) Personal Protection Orders, resources, referrals, and encouragement through open and honest dialogue, in a non-judgmental group setting. The victims learn to overcome feelings of hopelessness in their hearts, minds and souls. We offer counseling for inner healing.
NayeemaMy name is Nayeema Ahmed. I am from Bangladesh. Eighteen months ago, I was put into mental hospital and then discharged to group home. This is how I was separated from my children. It was a surprise to me as to why I was put into hospital and group home. I cry everyday for my children. I have three children: Amina (21), Asef (19) and Ayesha (35 mos.). I miss my baby daughter the most. I was very close to her before I was put into the hospital.
My husband has mentally and physically abused me all throughout my marriage and when I was outspoken about it, he kept putting me to hospitals with false evidence from neighbor, doctor from overseas and a school counselor. I was put into many mental hospitals over the last seven years with these fake evidences.
I met Ms. Nedra Lucas about two years ago. I talk to her almost every day and she gives me support and hope and I really appreciate it. Because of her, I am able to stay in the group home without being depressed. She always prays for me and patiently listens about my problem. She also mentioned to me that she would help me with my baby daughter four hours a day when I am discharged from group home. She is an angel and I am writing this letter to send my deepest thanks to her.

3. Parent Support Services

Our Parental Support Services is designed for single mothers, and promote the development of healthy and life-affirming values by increasing knowledge and strengthening positive interactions. The services include cultural and spiritually sensitive approaches to strengthen the family unit, including group sessions for these women. Entrepreneurship and financial literacy training is available, as well as, other resources and referrals.