Survival to Arrival


Our team is dedicated to the Empowerment of the Survivors of Violence! We are here to help you through the challenges!

Our Survival To Arrival program offers support specifically developed for survivors of domestic violence. Victims are provided with empowerment tools, including workshops, (PPO’s) Personal Protection Order applications, resources, referrals, and encouragement through open and honest dialogue, in a non-judgmental group setting. The victims learn to overcome feelings of hopelessness in their hearts, minds and souls. We offer counseling and conversation for inner healing.
Additional Classes and Support Groups The Mission continues to stand up for the victims of the escalating violence occurring in our homes and neighborhoods.  We are present not only as a gateway to safety, but also as a safe place (support groups and special programming) where healing can take place.
  • Anger Management–Conflict Resolution
  • New skills that will ensure employment and self sufficiency
  • To get a better understanding of money matters
  • Plans for financial goals and good financial decisions
  • Healthy relationship/environment
  • Improve communication skills in job interviews
  • Find employment/Resume
  • How to open and manage your bank account
  • Understanding in money management
  • To build self esteem
Call us for additional information.  Call for information at 248.967.9561.
You can also email us at Group sessions are held at a central and convenient location with free parking and 24-hr security and surveillance. Light snacks provided.

Not All Abuse is Physical. Know and understand the different types of abuse

Emotional Abuse:

  • Withholding love, words of acceptance, attention. Love is based on performance.

Physical Abuse:

  • People who have been physically abused often become abusers themselves because of unforgiveness.

Mental Abuse:

  • Mental abuse is not talked about as much as the other forms of abuse but is the worst type of abuse because it gives someone else control over what you are thinking and feeling.

Economic Abuse:

  • Controlling household finances, withholding money and/or info about income and assets.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship please contact any of the following to seek help:

  • Domestic Violence Clinic: 313.962.0466  Ext. 206
  • The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter 313.963.5604 or 586.754.7400
  • Legal Aid and Defenders Association (LADA): 313.877.964.4700
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1.800.656.HOPE
  • Statewide Domestic Violence Link line: 1.800.897.LINK
  • Wayne County Clerk to obtain a PPO: 313.224.6292

We invite you to join our efforts!