Thank You

Thank You...

  We like to thank Comerica Bank for supporting our entrepreneurship, financial literacy and life skills programs
The Mission Prevention Education is received $5,000 from Comerica Bank for the 2017 “Girl’s Inspiring Hope Program”, which is scheduled to begin in a few weeks. The funds will be used to provide two 10 week entrepreneurship, financial literacy and life skills programs to youth, ages 13-17. In addition to the life skills workshops, the Inspiring Girl’s Hope program will provide age appropriate comprehensive training in entrepreneurship, financial/economic literacy and asset accumulation techniques, which increases their ability to contribute to the community, as well as, succeed in work and life.
The Mission Prevention Education will also open an saving accounts for each of the participants to reinforce the concept of financial management and asset accumulation. This aspect of the Inspiring Girl’s Hope program brings traditionally unbanked populations into the economic mainstream, and provides an opportunity for youth to establish a bank account at Comerica.
We believe that Detroit’s disappointing statistics relative to poverty will not change significantly until we begin to shift our focus and efforts, at an early age, to one of community and economic empowerment, asset accumulation, financial literacy and small business ownership. Unfortunately, only approximately 38% of Detroit’s youth graduate from high school. The social impact of the Girl’s Inspiring Hope program will be notable as low-income families and particularly youth are exposed to economic possibilities and opportunities beyond that of being an employee. Just to mention a few topics
Topic Category: Self-Perception
  • Mirror, Mirror-- Your Looks
  • The Power of Self-Talk
  • Re-create the Experience
  • Fitting In & Boundaries
Topic Category: Relationship Matters
  • The Golden Rule
  • Community Authority Figures
  • Mother-Daughter Wisdom
  • Pay-Offs for Compliance
Topic Category: Life Issues & Advice
  • How To Get a Job
  • Spending Habits
  • Teen Dating
  • Attitudes & Conditions